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Welcome to the words flying from my keyboard, I hope you can hang around!

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” said Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor and philosopher.

So, please swing by About or the Archives category for a full birds-eye view of my thoughts as they take wing in a flurry of words and flutter down onto the page.

Alternatively, you can strut through my Current Posts with the most recent perched at the top of the list.

Such flights of fancy; a more down-to-earth viewpoint is landing now … read on …

 Gretchen Bernet-Ward

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–– Changes every Saturday AEST ––

AUSTRALIAN ILLAWARRA FLAME TREE Brachychiton acerifolius, commonly known as the Illawarra Flame Tree. It is a large, narrow tree of the family Malvaceae native to subtropical regions on the east coast of Australia. It is famous for the bright red bell-shaped flowers which cover the whole tree when it is leafless in springtime. My neighbourhood is aflame with red blossom. GBW. https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/science-environment/2019/03/everything-you-need-to-know-about-our-iconic-illawarra-flame-trees/

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