Thoughts from a dancer, illustrator or movie director are made visible quite differently to mine…


As young Luna Lovegood said "Being different isn't a bad thing.  It means you're brave enough to be yourself" — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

You’re different, music and songs are different, like Gordon Lightfoot “If you could read my mind, love” or “Tell me the thoughts that surround you” by Peter Sarstedt.  More relevant is neo-noir author Jasper Fforde who says “We read and write using an Imagino Transference Device, e.g. our brain, to transfer squiggles on a page into words”.

Consequently you will find, contained within this montage, an ongoing selection of my transliterated work.  Topics range from book reviews to domestic tales, opinion pieces to Q&A, short stories and special themes.  Please stroll through the dropdown Archive List for all my posts.  Whether they are important issues or general ramblings, as a writer I am quietly pleased to reveal my inner workings through the written word.

In his Discworld series introduction, legendary author Terry Pratchett impishly stated “…reading them in sequence can increase your enjoyment through the accumulation of all the fine detail that contributes to the teeming imaginative complexity of this brilliantly conceived world” and while I honour his venerable spirit, my words can be chosen using That-One-Looks-Interesting style.

Keep your wits about you!

 Gretchen Bernet-Ward

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