My Easter Holiday Photos

Ten images taken during my stay-home Easter break.Β  In Australia public holidays are mainly observed on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

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Palm Tree Palm Sunday 2019
Palm Sunday arrives first and falls on the last Sunday of Lent, the Sunday before Easter.
Good Friday and our traditional home-baked hot cross buns are cooling before the sugar glaze.
Easter Saturday and I check on a tiny daisy plant (or weed) in the front garden.
Easter Saturday and I unearthed this little old turtle in the back garden.
Easter Sunday and we gather kitchen utensils to bake sweet biscuits in rabbit, chicken and egg shapes.
Easter Sunday and time to count the donations in our Lent Event coffee jar money box.
Easter Sunday and the dragon lamp and fishbone ferns keep guard over my potful of new basil seedlings.
Easter Monday and I discovered Dr Who memorabilia and BBC magazine from Nov 2013 with no inkling of Jodie Whittaker.
Easter Monday and the flip-side of BBC Dr Who magazine advertising a groovy 2013 event in Cardiff Bay.
Easter Monday and there are always one or two uneaten chocolate eggs hanging around.

Easter is a time to reflect on sadness and rebirth; a time when our weather is often humid with autumnal rains; a time for relaxing with family and friends.

β™₯ Gretchen Bernet-Ward

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