Cold Night on the Footy Field

Waiting for the football match to start © Gretchen Bernet-Ward 2022

A cold, misty night on an Aussie Rules AFL football field.

The grass of the oval is damp with dew.

A junior league game is about to start and already the families and friends of the young players have donned beanies and shoved frozen fingers into jacket pockets.

The siren sounds and puffs of steam escape from cold lips as wild encouragement is directed at the players jogging into position, each one wearing a sleeveless guernsey (different colour for each team) with large numbers on the back.

At half-time the siren sounds, sending supporters and spectators rushing to the canteen to buy hot meat pies, salty chips and coffee to fortify themselves for the rest of the game. The teams gather around their respective coach, drinking hydrating fluids and eating protein snacks.

I know goals are kicked through the white posts but AFL rules of the game are beyond me, click here if interested 😀

These keen teams have boundless energy; the youthful players are hyped up, jostling and joking, hand-passing the ball back and forth while their coaches issue last minute instructions.

The siren blares again. The teams sprint back onto the oval after a quick glance at the scoreboard which shows an incredibly close game.

Who will win? Does it really matter?

Life is one great big experience.

Gretchen Bernet-Ward