Which City Has The Most Trees?

Brisbane Central Station city tree © Gretchen Bernet-Ward 2022

Which Australian city has the most trees?

Brisbane has more tree cover than any other Australian capital city as shown by aerial imagery 12 Dec 2021.

Planners in Australia now realise residential temperatures can be reduced by planting or keeping trees that can also cut power bills by reducing air-conditioning in well-planned areas.

Brisbane homes in suburbs with good tree canopies are seven degrees cooler than areas without trees, according to Brisbane City Council research.

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Pink Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia palmeri) springtime in Brisbane © Gretchen Bernet-Ward 2022

How do trees survive in concrete environments?

The roots grow underneath the pavement. The concrete cover acts as a mulch and protects the tree roots from being compacted too badly while providing some protection and climate-control. Sunshine and rain help to promote healthy branches and leaves.

Still, I think it’s a strong brave tree which survives inner city surroundings. This coastal one seems quite happy. 

Gretchen Bernet-Ward

Pandanus Palm beachfront Alexandra Headlands Queensland © Dot Bernet 2022