Writers Festival Coming to Town

So excited about this literary feast! So much to choose from and such great events.

READERS WRITERS LITERATURE LOVERS UNITE—Brisbane Writers Festival advise “In May 2023, Brisbane Writers Festival is spinning a rollicking tale of festive entertainment across five days, four nights and more than 100 literary events.”

“The plot? Full of twists and turns. The characters? A diverse cast of writers, readers and thinkers coming together to enjoy a lively line-up of panel discussions, poetry salons, raconteurs, book talks, special events and much more.”

“From blockbuster bestsellers to literary luminaries and everything in between, BWF 2023 is an unmissable adventure from beginning to end.”

My favourite new author is on a panel and also discussing his recent crime novel so naturally I have booked him first. More on that one later in May.

GBW 2023

Visit event highlights and genres and be amazed:

Check out this crazy long list A-Z of artists:

 Gretchen Bernet-Ward

The goal of the Sandford Meisner acting technique has been described as getting actors to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances” yet one has to take into consideration the author, writer, screenwriter, playwright who first penned the words, the tools of an actor’s trade ♥ Image © Gretchen Bernet-Ward 2021